I first became passionate about guitar making through visits to the workshop Jorge Raphael, Brasilian guitarist and master luthier, who was also my first teacher.

Since I was a child I observed him work. I was fascinated by the way simple pieces of wood would take shape as he handled them deftly and precisely, to gradually become the wonderful and unique instruments I was then given the honour to play.

In time my interest in the making and restoring of guitars grew to a point where I understood that I wanted to make it my profession. Jorge Raphael granted my wish to work alongside him and learn from him and opened the doors of his workshop to me: he not only gave me a solid grounding in construction techniques but also passed on to me the personal skills and secrets he had acquired and developed in twenty years of luthiery.

I also became convinced that only by getting to know the guitar as a performer I would be able to make instruments that could really respond to the musicians playing them. So before taking up guitar making as a profession, I completed my performance studies, graduating with honours from the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (Minas Gerais, Brasil). My Masters thesis “Introduction to classical guitar” focused on the pedagogic approach and aspects of guitar playing.

As well as keeping up my teaching and performing career, I continued to research and study the nature of the wood used for guitar making and perfected the teachings of Jorge Raphael.

In 2009 I moved to Savona, Italy, where in 2012 I founded the “Accademia della Chitarra di Savona”, which also houses my guitar workshop, with my wife, Italian guitarist Francesca Ghilione.

It is always hard to describe the qualities of a guitar without playing it… Every instrument I make is unique but it always has the richness in tones and the balance of registers and projection that I wish to find in a good quality instrument as a performer.